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Opening registrations

 At midnight during the night from Friday 22 to Saturday 23 until Sunday 24

- so that night stay on your computer like a geek -


Please see the rules page before to know the conditions of eligibility for your team.


the Only first 48 teams

to send the filled form will effectively be registered. The others will be put on a waiting list.

Please note that these rules are meant for organisational reasons.  As we do not want to exclude anyone, we will try our best to accomodate everyone.


You will receive e-mail confirmation of your registration on Wednesday.


Each team of 7 persons

have to pay a registration fee of €100. A supplementary €15 is also due for every added person.

If you are a team of 11, due fees are : 100 + 4x15 = 160€.


Registration fee is due for every person attending the event (player, supporter, coach…). The fee include breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning.


Fees must be paid within the 5 days following the registration confirmation on our bank account. Details will be put on the confirmation e-mail.


If you have unexpected guests coming with you at the time of the tournament (field camps, you know…), they will be able to register on the day of arrival.



Opening registrations at night between Friday and Saturday (Friday midnight)